Sunday, December 26, 2004

Cell Fone

well, lets start this off with a real blog. I have only ever read endgadgets blog, and they always post gadget stuff, so let me take a try. I got a Motorola v710 for x-mas and a Jabra 250 headset. They are great. I highly recomend anyone getting this fone if you are going the verizon route. Has a lot of great features and a camera, which is cool. The wireless headset is pretty neat, as you get to freak people out with it, since they have no idea who the hell you are talking to when you are walking through the grocery store, asking "yourself" what you want to get. I'll try and post a more sofisticated and detailed review of the fone later on if i continue with this blog. (P.S. - i put x-mas cuz i made too many typos trying to put it the other way around. Also, exuse my lack of effort on spelling)


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