Thursday, February 24, 2005

New iPods

People suck. Quit complaining cuz new iPods are out. I dont see the problem. Its only the people who already bought an iPod that are mad, because now there stuff is obsolete or cheaper. You dont see sumone with no ipod going "Dang, now the ipods are more affordable and have new features. Man, why would they do something like that?" If you want the ipods to still ahve the certain cables, then buy them. This is for people who think "Why should i have to pay so much 4 an ipod that has all these extra cables i don't need? If only there was an option to purchase just the ipod and the basic stuff it needs to work. That way i could get it now and buy thoise extra cables later when i have the need/money". New iPods, cheaper prices... I'm happy. But my 3g is still runnin great, now with MULTIPLE ON-THE-GO!


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