Saturday, June 18, 2005


another posts sends another one farther down the list.. someday this may be so far gone that there will be no point to this post except for the tyme at which it was written. You know how you play a video game a second or third tyme to make sure you got everything all the way through, such as hidden items or understanding the full story line? well i think we need to do that with life... you need to relive the same life so you can remember those small incidents that were so important at the tyme but that you completely forgot. or so you can undertsand why things happened or see those small actions that led to the big ones later one... its also like when you watch a movie again... how many tymes do you watch the same movie? your favorite movie? Well shouldnt this be your favorite life? cuz it is the best of "allllllll" your other lives... lol well anyway, my point is, i'd like to relive my life again... and im still young... imagine later...


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