Tuesday, July 05, 2005


finally got into the whole ebay thing... arg not good... its a drug and im adicted. lol i spend way to much tyme looking at stuff i either think i need or kinda want, and i never win... i dont want to spend all my money on something, cuz i wanna save up for a new car, but yet i cant win an auction... i want::: NEW oakley xx (black iridium polarized) for <$50 NEW nixon black ss rover for <$50 NEW kodak cx7525 <$50 none of the stuff is worth over 50 to me, since the camera is cool but only has 3x zoom, the glasses are cool but i havent even tried them on, and the watch is cool but doesnt even have an alarm... SO i like the stuff, but none of its my fav, so im willing 50 bucks each... life is so hard... lol


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