Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back... It's been awhile.... Um, i dont have much to talk about but for those outstanding and superb people checking up on me, i have great news: >No, my car insurance is still expensive. >I just might be able to get a Tivo. We rent, but if we switch to Owners AND get the protection plan, it cost less money and we get the same benifits. Its a win win situation. Plus, I get a tivo, i get a tivo, i get a tivo, hey Hey HEY! >40 year old virgin is funny! >Trillian needs to do something to spark my interest... Its too basic compared to what the standalone apps are now doin... >I want a 2000 toyota celica, but i need a job first... Anecdote::: I was in the parking lot of a hospital waitin for sum 1, and i realised i had parked next to a 2000 celica. It was awesome. I took pix with my cell fone. I'll post 'em later. The car wasnt in the greatest shape, it looked like they were in the process of pimpin it. anyway... very cool >I bought a $30 pillow... Memory foam... yeah >i like these little lesse than greater than symbols... ><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< If you're bored i understand, i just woke up. rambling... For more outbreaking news, i dunno. anyway, i'll be back later, probably to delete this post. very not organized thoughts... teachers would always tell me that "I liked what you said in the essay, but it was a little unorganized with two topics in one paragraph and your topic changes between your introduction and your conclusion... Im only telling you this so you can blog about it in the years to come" I dunno what they're problem was...


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